Coming To Church - FAQs

What should I wear and what happens when I arrive?

There's no particular dress code so just wear whatever you feel comfortable in. There'll be a wide range from suits and ties to jeans and t-shirts. You'll be greeted with a friendly smile and someone will hand you a service sheet. Feel free to sit anywhere.

What if my child is noisy?

We are a family-oriented church and we welcome children quiet or noisy! If you feel uncomfortable or if they are very noisy during the sermon, you can use the creche at the back of church where you can either leave your children to be looked after or stay with them and still listen to the service while your child plays with the toys provided.

Can I take communion?

If you are a committed Christian then you are welcome to take communion, whatever your denomination. If you prefer not to, you can still come forward to the communion rail with everyone else and the minister will pray for you instead or you can remain in your seat. Please do whatever is more comfortable for you.

Will there be a collection?

During the services no collection is taken. There is a box at the back of church for donations but visitors don't need to feel under any pressure to give.

Help for disabled people?

We have a hearing loop and large print service sheets. The service is also projected onto the big screen.The church is accessible for wheelchairs. In a communion service, the bread and wine will be brought to those unable to come to the front. There is a disabled toilet in the building.